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    Recent projects:

  • A handbook on quality management
  • A handbook on embroidery software
  • The website of a provider of medical services
  • A brochure for image processing software
  • An instruction manual for a device for measuring blood pressure
  • An article on storage media

You need a specialist!
As a professional qualified translator, you can rely on me to create precise translations into German. Alongside correctly conveying the content, style also plays an important role. I make sure that my translations read so well, you’d think they were an original. If you already have a German text, I’d be happy to give it the finishing touch. I can either focus purely on correcting spelling and grammatical errors (proofreading), or also ensure that the content is cohesive and the style is right for the target readership (editing).

Why should you work with me?
You have a single point of contact for the entire project. I take care of every step personally. I can provide feedback at any time and resolve any problems that may arise.
You can also rely on absolute confidentiality. Unless otherwise agreed, no texts will ever be passed on to third parties. All of your important information remains with me.

Do you need multiple documents translated?
No problem. I use modern CAT software (“computer-assisted translation”), which helps me ensure consistent style and use of terminology, even in subsequent jobs. This makes long-term cooperation worthwhile, as consistent translations help give your business a professional image.

I aim for quality!
This is why I only accept jobs where I can deliver excellent results. I also only translate into German, my native language, from English and French. I work with an expert network of colleagues, who can provide you with translations into these languages and ensure that terminology continues to be used consistently. Should you require a language combination that I do not provide, I would be happy to recommend a skilled translator from my network.


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