Helping you succeed.

Your business provides premium products and stands for quality, responsibility and professionalism. Every step is planned carefully. You are a specialist, turning what you do into an art form. Your customers know this and treasure you for it. To make sure it stays that way, every step must be in tune and performed precisely. The same is true for translation.
Successful businesses know that quality translation can go a long way towards helping them achieve their goals. But every business is different and needs the solution that is right for them. I can help you here, because I’m a specialist like you. Excellent translations can put you on the path to success.

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I provide professional translations in the fields of IT/computing, quality systems and medical technology from English and French into German. I work with texts and documents related to websites, apps, program user interfaces (UI), online help pages, image processing, hardware, software, network technology, handbooks, data sheets, medical devices (cardiology and orthopaedics, for example), quality systems, quality management, etc.


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